Process Ovens

Our General Automatic Transfer team streamlined our production of process ovens to include six-inch-thick insulated oven panels, high-velocity air seals, floor-mounted ductwork, and FM, UL, and NFPA-compliant gas train utilized on the gas-fired heaters. Whether you need powder coating, wet paint, or low-temperature curing, we have the right process oven for you.

Infrared Ovens

Infrared ovens offer a more budget-friendly option that can be added to an existing convection oven setup or to a new oven to allow for an increase in line speed or preheat parts to decrease the chance for a cross contamination. This means less space may be needed for a curing system, and we haven’t even shared the best part yet.

Convection Ovens

Our world-class convection ovens rely on direct air impingement to dry or cure parts more effectively. The “low to high” direct flow of air reduces the oven’s temperature stratification, creating a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution which produces a high-quality finish in terms of gloss levels and cure matching.