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At GAT, we’ve always given engineering and great design a front seat. Learn more about our company history, and how we honor tradition while innovating for the future.

A History of Forward Thinking, Satisfied Clients and Long-Term Employees

Born out of engineering expertise and passion for efficient design, GAT was founded by the current owner’s grandfather in 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri. From the beginning, we put our focus on creating custom finishing solutions and process lines for companies in North America. GAT was at the forefront of industry change in the 1960s, innovating and creating patented technology and processes. We’ve always had a strong focus on family and our employees, which is why people come to work for GAT and stay here for many years.

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What we do

Design, fabricate, and automate every component of finishing systems

How we do it

Build tough machines using engineered innovation

Why we do it

To make a noticeable difference

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