Our Engineering Process for Custom Finishing Systems

A custom finishing system is only as good as the original design concept. Few successes just ‘happen’ to roll off the assembly line; quality engineering is the starting point for creating an exceptional custom finishing system. Our experienced team of engineers can work with you and your team to create a one-of-a-kind custom finishing system that accounts for your company’s current and future growth needs as well as your budget and existing operational space.

Elements of a GAT Finishing System

Modular Design

What is your finishing system designed to do? Can it move in the process? Designing your system into segments allows us to see how each piece can fluctuate for the most optimal line implementation. Fewer pieces means less onsite construction when it comes time for installation, a win/win for everyone.

Superior Layout Design and Ingenuity Drives Excellent Engineering

We understand you may be restricted by your current space and production needs. We get it. Not every production setting is ideal for creating the system you really want for your line. Our GAT team gladly accepts this challenge as our opportunity to think creatively and find what works.

We work to incorporate your existing production setting in our engineering approach. This allows us to focus on finding the right solution instead of retrofitting your space to fit someone else’s standard.

Our commitment to you is this: we will always go with the right solution for your business. No questions, no compromises.

Exceptional Safety, Quality, and Efficiency Standards

Without question your custom finishing system needs to be safe and efficient. We believe in creating a system we would feel fully comfortable operating and building our business on into the future. We stick close to our core standards for production quality and our record of success is proven because we will not compromise on this quality standard.

Your Systems Needs + Our Creativity = Problem-Solving Excellence

In case t-shirts, ballcaps, and airplane seats aren’t enough proof, “one size fits all” is a terrible way to serve customers. That’s why our GAT team pushes past conventional methods by expanding how we think about your company’s unique system needs. We want to solve your exact problems with a customized finishing system that meets your budget and saves everyone time and headaches.

Common Engineering Problems to Avoid With Custom Finishing Systems

We understand that it’s impossible to anticipate every element of ordering a custom finishing system, and have built processes to point out potential problem areas before they become mission critical. Here are a few common issues we see companies encounter when it comes to planning for a custom finishing system:

  • Problem #1: The spec doesn’t match the budget. Our initial concept meetings will help generate ideas and get estimates which allows us more opportunity to solve approximately 80% of all budget-specific problems up front. The most important part is our GAT team facilitates ongoing conversations with you as our customer to meet your exact needs as much as possible.
  • Problem #2: A timeframe that’s too rushed. The best way to avoid mistakes is to understand speed can lead to mistakes. One approach we like to take is “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” If we have concerns about timeframes, we do our best to share those concerns with you as honestly, promptly, and efficiently as possible.
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