Installation of Custom Finishing Systems

Who Can You Trust to Install Your Next Custom Finishing System? There’s only one answer: GAT.

You’re paying for an exceptional finishing system to help your parts look their best. You can’t afford to have just anybody install your system. When it comes to your system installation, the last words you want to hear are “broken,” “missing,” “maybe,” or “wrong.”

General Automatic Transfer has a veteran team of trained and experienced installers who take pride in putting our names next to our work. This includes our installation process. We want to ensure your new custom finishing system is positioned exactly right to function the right way. Nobody knows your system better than we do when it comes to installation. It’s also why we make the installation process as pain-free as possible with turnkey service through startup commissioning.

GAT Offers Custom Turnkey Finishing Systems

You may wonder, “How can a custom system be turnkey? Shouldn’t it be more complicated than a few steps of installation?” This may be a surprise, but this isn’t our first time creating and installing a new custom finishing system.

Since 1958, our team invested countless hours developing seamless manufacturing, construction, and installation processes. We can install your entire system in only a handful of steps. Within a short period of time, your system can be ready to run your parts through and avoid any downtime past the original startup.

Benefits of Turnkey Finishing Systems
  • Virtually no time is lost because of the installation efficiency.
  • Our GAT team takes responsibility for most of the scheduling and labor involving your new system install.
  • Relatively quick turnaround time with a new system being in place anywhere between one week to three months, depending on the size and scope of the system.
Modular Installation Accelerates the Timeline

Our GAT team uses a modular installation approach that helps us stay on time and on budget. A majority of all GAT installations are completed by our full in-house install crew. Approximately 90% of their work is specific to GAT and the team’s vast experience spans more than 30 years in the business.

When your new system is ready for installation, it’s loaded at GAT using industry-standard rigging and transported to your manufacturing site. Our installation covers all the final details and gets your system fine-tuned for optimal efficiency.

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