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An old finishing line needed to be replaced to meet VOC limitations, so it was the perfect time to transition from “good enough” to “optimal.”
Regulations and Limitations

Emissions of VOCs are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, so keeping equipment within parameters is not an option. To avoid surpassing the fast-approaching limits, Tracker Marine decided to not only improve this part of their line but also to build a new line designed to improve efficiency and throughput.

Tracker Marine, located in Lebanon, MO, is an industry leading OEM manufacturer of boats ranging from professional bass boats to recreational pontoon boats and multi-purpose Jon boats.
Tracker Marine needed to replace an antiquated wet paint line because it had reached VOC limitations. Because they were already committed to this investment, they also wanted to improve the line’s operating performance, finish quality and reduce the wet line post paint reject rate and per unit cost.
GAT conducted a year of testing to develop a process that would allow Tracker Marine to apply three separate colors of powder to the same boat and provide for masking application and gel between colors and before final care. The new line that GAT engineered consists of a three-stage aqueous pretreatment washer, convection dry-off oven, three separate hybrid gel processes, three separate powder coat booths in a single large powder room, final convection cure and a unique power and free conveyor with specialized load bar configuration.
Better Than Good Enough

Tracker Marine’s newly designed system from GAT now handles boats up to 8’w x 5′ dp x 26′ l, weighing up to 2,000 lbs. They’re well-equipped to increase production and have met their goal of falling well within state and federal limits for VOCs.

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