When it’s time to update an old process line, make updates that will create a system built to last for years to come.
Winning vs. Losing

The ability to respond to customer requests means the difference between winning or losing customers to competition. To diversify their product offerings and improve an aging batch finishing process, Setina Manufacturing partnered with GAT to create a whole new powder line process to meet demands.

Setina Manufacturing, located in Olympia, WA, is a leader in the aftermarket law enforcement transport security industry with products ranging from specialized push bumpers to in-car separation screening and security caging.
After many years of use, Setina needed to replace an aging batch powder process line with an automated two-coat powder line. The new line needed to provide enhanced pretreatments with the implementation of an in-line blast system along with five-stage wash process. Setina needed a new system to reduce labor for increased production at a lower per cost unit while greatly improving the products “in field” operating performance in terms of salt spray and durability.
GAT Finishing Systems designed and installed a full turnkey system which would allow Setina to apply primer under a top coat or a top coat only with a state-of-the-art pretreatment process applied to the base metal. The newly engineered line consists of an in-line blast system, Five stage Zirconium Deposition pretreatment washer with exclusive GAT “By-Pass Evaporator” technology, convection dry-off oven, unique over/under prime gel and bottom entry convection cure oven, two separate powder booths in a combined powder room and 3” monorail conveyor. The system can process parts up to 3' w x 4' h x 6' l at 6 fpm, weighing up to 300 pounds. This new capacity allows them to take on more projects and dramatically improve completion times.
Improved Capacity and Output

Setina Manufacturing erected a new production facility to house the new finishing system while revamping in-house fabrication and post paint assembly flow to increase efficiencies. They turned the old batch system bottleneck in to a pull system where the new automated powder line remains ahead of production and assembly rates, thus allowing for continued growth with a friendlier approach to the environment.

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