PolyPro Washers

 What determines greatness? Is it bold and innovative thinking? It is maximizing value and minimizing loss? If you said yes to any of those things, then the General Automatic Transfer Co. PolyPro washer is for you.

What makes GAT industrial polypropylene washer great? Innovation for starters. In 1994, General Automatic Transfer Co. forever changed the landscape of Industrial finishing systems. We introduced our first polypropylene washer and havenít looked back. 
Are your operating costs skyrocketing along with energy? Polypropylene has a lower coefficient of heat transfer than steel and other materials. This lowers the firing rate of your burner, extending the life of the gas train components and heat exchanger.   This translates to a minimum 25% reduction in energy use, and thatís documented.

But energy savings is only one of the many benefits. POLYPRO washers also lower your overall maintenance costs. Polypropylene has a lower coefficient of heat transmission than steel or composite washer housings. GAT's exclusive use of it's high "U" exchanger offers the most efficient burner/exchanger process on the market. The firing rate of the burner components is reduced, thus adding life to your gas train and heat exchanger. Plus, polypropylene will not blister, swell or delaminate like hydroscopic composite materials are prone to do over time.

Polypropylene washers are also translucent. The natural translucence of polypropylene allows ambient light to illuminate the interior of the washer. This allows maintenance or line personnel better visibility for monitoring spray patterns and nozzle adjustments. By maximizing visibility, and minimizing the need for shut downs, your polypropylene washer will be more productive. There's no need for auxiliary lighting

General Automatic Transfer Co. offers an unprecedented and unmatched warranty on the polypropylene washer. Ten years warranty against rust and corrosion is standard on every polypropylene washer, regardless if it is a batch washer, industrial washer, parts washer, mesh belt washer, or barrel washer.

Standard Washer Features:

  • Stainless steel interior housing supports, conveyor shroud, screens, access doors, sump lids, and pump mounting plate
  • Ten-year guarantee on washer housing against rust and corrosion
  • Tanks, heat exchangers, drain boards and conveyor rails also available in stainless steel
  • SCH 80 PVC & CPVC
  • Quick disconnect risers and spray nozzles
  • Vertically mounted pumps
  • Highest heat transfer on the market
  • Centrifugal vent fans for extended bearing life
  • Manifold utility connections


  • Overhead-single or multi-line
  • Belt washers
  • Dip or spray/dip applications
  • drum washers