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Pre-Treatment Washers Print E-mail
Pretreatment washers are part of GATís core products group. Our advanced Polypropylene housing design was developed in 1994. Since then, GAT has led the industry in Industrial Washer innovations.
Our Pretreatment washer can be used in a variety of Paint Line applications. Whether the demand is for mill oil or scale removal, iron or zinc phosphating, or laser scale removal, the GAT Washer getís the job done.
Manufactured using ĹĒ thick Polypropylene, UV stabilized material, the Washer assures you a minimum of 25% reduction in energy use. And thatís documented.
The GAT Pretreatment Washer will also lower your overall maintenance costs. Reduced burner firing rates, longer life gas train and heat exchanger, and the total absence of delamination, scaling or rusting make this Pretreatment Washer a generational capital investment.


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