All GAT ovens move higher volumes of air for rapid heat transfer to the product with minimal stratification due to our "Bottom Up" air flow design.
The insulating capabilities of extra-heavy No. 18 gauge galvannealed steel, combined with our patented air seal design substantially improves operating efficiencies. All oven components arrive on the job site ready for erection, thus eliminating costly time delays due to field manufacturing of panels, duct work and heater assemblies.
Cooling tunnels are available for applications that demand quick cooling. Filtered plant or outside air is delivered through a balanced air flow tunnel construction. Exit fans exhaust process air to the outside or back to the plant environment for a modified make-up air design.
Choose from a range of GAT ovens:
  • Three zone baking
  • Combination dry-off & cure
  • Double deck
  • Side or bottom entry
  • Roof mounted
  • Combination convection/IR
  • Batch Ovens (Single Entry or Pass-Through)

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