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When General Automatic Transfer Co. first Industrial Finishing System rolled out of assembly in 1959, it brought vast improvements to the Paint Line Industry. It’s been a history of Finishing System innovations ever since. Innovations that have become the standards of Powder Coating and Wet Paint Coating lines ever since, like our Polypropylene Pretreatment Washer.
Industrial Washers: Pretreatment Washer | Aqueous Washer | Parts Washer | Industrial Washer | Mesh Belt Washer | Iron Phosphate Washer | Zinc Phosphate Washer | E Coat Washer | Polypropylene Washer | Batch Washer | Barrel Washer
Ovens: Dry Off Oven | Cure Oven | Powder Coat Oven | Wet Paint Oven | IR Oven/ Batch Oven | Hybrid Oven/ Electric Oven | Elevated Oven | Outdoor Oven | Natural Gas Convection Oven | Propane Oven | Industrial Ovens | Commercial Ovens | Barrel Oven
Environmental Room: Powder Coating Room | Environmental Room | Paint Room | Paint Mixing Room | Humidity Controlled Paint Room | Temperature Controlled Paint Room
Conveyor Systems: Enclosed Track Conveyor | Pac Line Conveyor | 3” I Beam Conveyor | 4” I Beam Conveyor/ 6” I Beam Conveyor | Power and Free Conveyor | Light Duty Conveyor | Heavy Duty Conveyor | Industrial Conveyor | Commercial Conveyor | Floor Drag Conveyor | Mesh Belt Conveyor | Roller Conveyor | Gravity Conveyor | Material Handling Conveyor | Chain On Edge Conveyor
It is a long tradition that bears out in the number of our Industrial Finishing System repeat customers. They tell us there is a feeling of confidence when they invest in a GAT Washer, Cure Oven, Dry Off Oven, or Conveyor System. This confidence comes from knowing that every Turnkey Powder Coating System they purchase is engineered and designed for Energy Savings, and reduced operating costs that improve their bottom line. Nearly one thousand installations of Industrial Paint Lines bear this out.
Today, GAT is in its 3rd generation and more determined than ever to revolutionize the Industrial Finishing System industry. To prove it, we continue to offer Paint Line innovations such as our Polypropylene Washer, and Batch Ovens.


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