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General Automatic Transfer Co.’s barrel washer is perfectly suited for those parts that require a tumbling and mechanical pretreatment in addition to an aqueous chemical process.
For those applications where high volume parts that aren’t suited for multipart or ‘christmas tree’ racking, a GAT barrel washer will get the job done. The Barrel washer uses a full length support mast to ensure that nozzle alignment and placement is consistent and spray pattern is complete.
The perforated barrel extends the full length and beyond the entrance and exit of the washer for ease of loading and unloading. Using an engineered hole pattern, proper draining is ensured. Made from stainless steel, it is highly corrosion and abrasion resistant. Like all GAT washers, the housing and material above the tank are supplied in polypropylene, CPVC and stainless Steel.
The barrel flights and tumble dams, provide adequate locomotion of the parts moving them forward at the designated line speed, ensuring proper stage dwell times. The barrel itself has multiple support points to eliminate sag, maintain cylindrical movement and eliminate warping.


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