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Are you an OEM, catering to the Automotive, Agricultural, Aerospace, or Appliance markets? Or are you a contract or custom coater, servicing a multitude of industries and applications? It doesnít matter if you are using a General Automatic Transfer Co. Industrial Washer.
The industry leader since 1959, GAT has revolutionized the process of pretreatment for powder coating and wet paint applications. Each of our Industrial Washers are custom designed and manufactured to suit your unique Industrial Finishing System needs. But donít let the word custom scare you. Typical lead times are twelve weeks or less.
Each GAT industrial Washer is designed using the revolutionary Polypro housing and our unique and high U energy efficient heat exchanger. GAT is able to add nearly twice as much surface area of heat exchanger in each heated stage than the antiquated burner tube style heat exchanger. GATís industrial washer will operate up to 40% more efficiently, and we have the satisfied customerís to prove it.
The General Automatic Transfer industrial washer can be used for powder coating, or wet paint line applications. Whether your application requires heated chemical pretreatment, or ambient temperatures, each custom industrial washer will be designed for your needs, today, and tomorrow.


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