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For those finishing systems applications where space is at a premium, consider placing your dry off oven and cure ovens outdoors. This unique approach to maximizing floor and energy management is easily accomplished using a General Automatic Transfer Co. outdoor oven.
The GAT outdoor oven is designed using all the standard features and design characteristics that you have come to expect in a quality Industrial Paint line. High air turnover, uniform heat dispersion, and floor mounted ductwork are part of the outdoor oven design. 
We will furnish an oven enclosure system to protect the oven and associated equipment from the elements. The enclosure and any heater enclosure will either mount directly to the oven or to the concrete pad/floor provided by the customer.
The roof and walls consists of 22 ga Type B fluted panel, mounted on 12 ga formed girts on 6 centers running the full length of the enclosure. The girts will be designed to be attached to mounting pads on the top of the oven by welding. All necessary Neoprene washer Tek screws will be furnished to attach the deck to the girts.
The heater enclosure will utilize the same panel construction mounted to a 12 ga formed girt system. The girts will be welded to a support structure consisting of 4 sq tube framework on 8' centers along all walls. All necessary cross bracing, gussets and attachments will be furnished for the structural system. The panels will be attached to the girts with Neoprene washer Tek screws. All galvanneal trim and capping will be furnished.
Self-powered gravity ventilators can be furnished to be mounted on the enclosure roof to provide appropriate ventilation of the heater area.
Single width metal personnel door units will be furnished (if required) for ingress and egress to the heater area. The doors are supplied with all necessary hinges and security hardware.
Four tube, 40 watt fluorescent light fixtures will be furnished for proper illumination of the heater enclosure area.


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