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General Automatic Transfer Co.s Convection Cure Oven utilizes indirect air impingement along with heated air to cure the part. By continuously moving heated air around the part, uniform heat transfer is assured and consistent, predictable and repeatable curing results are accomplished. "Cold spots" and thermal stratification are virtually eliminated resulting in even heat top-to-bottom throughout the oven.
Eighteen gauge galvanealed steel with a twelve gauge internal frame makes up the floor mounted ductwork. Side mounted, adjustable louvers allow for indirect air impingement on the part. 
The Cure Oven atmosphere is an independently temperature controlled environment making the GAT Cure oven suitable for both powder coat and wet paint lines. High air turnover along with floor mounted ductwork ensures even temperature throughout the cure oven.
The gas fired modulating burner, with automatically ignited pilots are controlled via a UL, FM, and NFPA compliant gas train.   The heating system uses a forward curved, dual inlet centrifugal blower, complete with sheaves, belts and motor.
Cure Oven Panels are constructed from #18 ga galvannealed material, reinforced internally, with insulating characteristics as required for the appropriate temperatures.
The cure oven shell is 6 thk steel encased 4# density batt mineral wool insulated panels provided in 4 widths, as opposed to typical 27 widths. 4 wide panels present 45% fewer seams, thereby increasing efficiency.   Cure oven panels are sheathed inside and out with #18 ga galvannealed steel, as opposed to lighter gauges, reinforced with stiffening ribs spaced on 12 centers, providing a structural component. Abutting edges of the cure oven panels will be arranged to fit in tongue-and-groove fashion providing a tight seal but allowing adjustment for thermal expansion. Seams are fully insulated with the same batt insulation. All cure oven panels utilize an isolated spreader clip and stiffener channel construction in lieu of a standard roll formed design in order to greatly reduce the amount of through steel to increase efficiency as well as to provide added strength. Construction of the cure oven panel is entirely spot welded, presenting smooth surface inside and out.
Cure Oven conveyor openings are either through the bottom of the cure oven requiring no seals, or in the sides in which case G.A.T. high velocity air seals are provided to minimize the heated air in the oven escaping to the surrounding atmosphere, and to insure the optimum efficient operation of the cure oven.   Where air seals are used, they are furnished with a complete surrounding air duct providing air pressure against the cure oven work opening. The seals provide a velocity dam at the work openings to minimize thermal leakage and to maintain uniformity of temperature to the cure oven.
Where utilized, air seals are furnished in a suitable number of completely assembled duct sections, ready for mounting to the cure oven in the field. Each air seal is equipped with a 7/8 DFC SWSI fan assembly, complete with motor. The air seals utilize room air and do not induce an additional fresh air load on the surrounding area.


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