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When industries began to demand a more cost-effective insulated powder enclosure, GAT responded. We design our enclosures or powder rooms to fulfill your specific job requirements, including environment-controlled powder storage areas.

An excellent finish requires total system cooperation. In order to maximize your system performance, do not overlook the importance of maintaining a clean, climate controlled powder coating area for spray coating applications. Studies have shown that powder performs best when applied in a contaminant free, humidity and temperature controlled powder coating room.

General Automatic Transfer Co. uses a 3 thick, EPS panel, faced on both sides, with smooth, gloss white Class C, FRP veneer. This allows for a non static surface that is easy to maintain and wipe down. The insulated drop ceiling system will not only present a clean, white box feel, but house the drop in troffer style fixtures. The light fixtures will be designed for in room bulb replacement and maintain a 110 foot candle illumination specification.
Air conditioning systems can be either roof or pad mounted design with combination or split systems available.
The air flow is designed for static room pressure in order to maintain excess powder in the room, yet not draw contaminants into the room. Heat loads are based on a 15 deg temperature rise through the powder coating booth.
 Single width, double width personnel doors as well as roll up doors are available. Lexan viewing windows 3 x 4 with all framework gasketing will be furnished to be placed in the walls at customer's discretion. 

GAT's enclosures are manufactured using a modular frame and panel concept that reduces field installation time and allows for flexibility. They are designed to include the proper amount of air conditioning, considering not only the latent heat from personnel and product load, but also the BTU load generated in the powder reclamation process. Air conditioning improves your powder application process by holding the temperature range and humidity level consistent throughout the year.


Powder Room Enclosure features:

  • Three inch thick polystyrene encased on both sides by impact-resistant .090" fiberglass reinforced sheet with an insulating value of R17
  • Two inch thick insulated 2' X 4' grid suspended ceiling using construction similar to 3" panel
  • PolyCarbonate observation windows
  • Single & double width personnel doors. Automated roll-up door


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